What "Event Planners" say about working with Connie:
Connie is ‘real’ and has a compassion for the life struggles faced by most women. She also has an amazing capacity to communicate truths from God’s Word through teaching, humor, and encouragement. The ministers’ wives in Wyoming really connected with her! Peggy Nikkel, Executive Director’s Wife, Wyoming Southern Baptist Convention
Connie was the best speaker we've had! (and we've had many great speakers!) Connie's hilarious story-telling skills and engaging personality, paired with her deep biblical teaching kept every attender engaged and challenged. Our State Convention of Baptists in Indiana's annual women's retreat invited Connie as keynote speaker for 500 ladies from dozens of churches across our state. Each year since, we hear many ladies reminiscing about that awesome year when Connie Cavanaugh spoke. She's the greatest! Diana Davis, author, columnist, speaker, Indianapolis, Indiana
Connie was such a blessing to work with. As a leader, I don't get to sit and get my cup filled very often, and I could have listened to her all night long. Even though she came highly recommended, she exceeded all my expectations. Our group laughed, and was encouraged to serve God in any way we can. I won't forget what she left us with. Jacqui Duke, Women's Ministry Leader, Bow Valley Baptist Church, Cochrane, Alberta
Connie was truly a gift to us. Her authenticity, humor and encouragement blessed our women in so many ways! It was joyous to laugh together, cry together and walk the trail of life together. She was warm and supportive – spending time with women who needed to hear from her personally. Connie EXCEEDED our expectations and I would highly recommend her! Julie Zager, Director of Women’s Ministries and Small Groups, Northshore Baptist Church, Kirkland, WA 
No matter what the age group, Connie grabs the audience with her transparency, her humour and her powerful message. I have been inspired and encouraged by Connie each time I have heard her speak. After listening to some speakers, I feel like I have missed the mark or need to push harder to achieve goals, but after hearing Connie I am more motivated to enjoy my relationship with Jesus and to follow Him one Yes at a time because of my gratitude for what He has done for me. Judy Huffman, Principal at Bearspaw Christian School, Calgary, AB
Connie’s candid way invites listeners to journey with her. She shares with humour and in no time you feel like you’ve known her forever. She challenged us to follow God – one yes at a time. She is a woman after God’s own heart and I highly recommend Connie! Teresa Rilling, Director of Women’s Ministries, Alliance Community Church, Sylvan Lake AB
Connie’s sense of humour was a highlight and kept us all in a very open frame of mind to the work of the Holy Spirit. Connie spoke at our annual women's retreat that hosted 200 women and we would definitely recommend Connie as a keynote speaker. Connie spoke about spiritual dryness and how to get back on track with the Lord Jesus--one yes at a time. Her personal illustrations were easy to relate to and very relevant to the times we are going through. Jill Neely, Women's Ministries Coordinator for 21 years, All Nations Church, Sudbury, Ontario
Our ladies loved her! This annual Christmas event draws not just church members but also their friends, family, and neighbors. Connie’s message was the perfect mix of solid biblical truth, story, and humor for this varied audience. She encouraged the church members and made the visitors feel right at home! Connie was also very giving with her time and attention throughout the event. Kathy Howard, Christian author and speaker and women’s ministry leader, Houston, TX
Connie has excellent audience rapport! When we had Connie speak to more than 350 women at our annual Stillwood Women's Weekend, we received real teaching by a real woman of God. Her messages, with plentiful dependence on scripture, were delivered in a down-to-earth way with humour to which we could all relate. Often coming out of her comfort zone and willing to be vulnerable, she demonstrated to each woman that she too, "can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Claudia Janzen, Women's Weekend Coordinator for 32 years, Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre, Lindell Beach, British Columbia
Connie in every way helped us achieve our goals. We asked Connie to be the plenary speaker at our 2012 conference. The purpose of our conference is for spiritual renewal, encouragement and relaxation. She came highly recommended and more than met our expectations. I'm pleased to endorse/suggest her for any future engagement queries. Detra Blair, committee chair, Pastors' Wives Plus Conference, Muskoka Lake Bible Camp, Ontario.
Connie was an absolute delight! She ministered to our hearts and souls through her humourous telling of her own personal situations and circumstances. While making us laugh uproariously, she never failed to point to the source of her hope, her relationship with Jesus Christ. Heather Breitkreuz, Event Coordinator, Church Administrative Professionals Symposium, EP Wahl Centre, Edmonton
If you have questions or need more info do not hesitate to Email Connie or call 403 973-9501

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Speaking fee:
Connie has a suggested honoraria based on number of talks and number of days. Call 403.973.9501 or email ccav@cnbc.ca to discuss.

Travel Vehicle:
If Connie drives her vehicle to your event, the rate is $.42/km

Travel Airfare:

Connie will book the most reasonable airfare in consultation with the event planner. There will be an added charge of approximately $85 for home-to-airport mileage and/or airport parking.

Clean, quiet hotel or home with a private bathroom (no children or pets please)

Food and gratuities:
Receipts and invoice sent after the event.

Cost Savers

Cost Savers:

Partnership with World Vision
(only for Canadian Events): Depending on the size of the event and the number of times Connie speaks, World Vision is willing to pay some or all of Connie’s honorarium if she is allowed to give an appeal for child sponsorship. This is determined on a case-by-case basis at your request.

$5/person/talk fee:
If you are unsure how many will attend, Connie is willing to share the risk with you in the following way: for a one-talk event, add $5 to your ticket price and no matter how many people come, you only have to pay Connie $5/head (up to $500 -- If more than 100 people come the extra money is yours to use toward other expenses. Please note: Connie is unable to come for less than $300.

Sell recordings at the event:
Record the talks; have copies packaged and ready for sale at the end of the event or be prepared to mail them out when ready. Set a reasonable price for the CD’s that covers your costs plus a small profit and use this money to offset your costs.

billet instead of hotel – Connie is happy to stay in a clean, quiet home with privacy and a private bathroom. No children or pets please.

Have someone donate airmiles or aeroplan points for a flight.

Connie appreciates home-cooked meals instead of restaurant meals.

Make Your Best Offer:
If you have prayed and sought the Lord’s will and are convinced Connie is the best fit for your event but cannot meet the suggested honorarium, then prayerfully decide what you are able to do and make an offer. She will prayerfully consider any reasonable offer.