Some believers have never experienced a vibrant faith characterized by real intimacy with Christ. Flat faith is all they've ever known. Others, like my dear friend Connie Cavanaugh, were once on fire for Christ but ended up spending a season in a spiritual wilderness. In her book, From Faking it to Finding Grace, Connie bravely tells her story of spiritual dryness. This pastor's wife once passionately shared her faith and lovingly ministered to her family, church members, and neighbors. As she served them, their pain always became her pain too. Finally, overwhelmed, Connie shut down spiritually and emotionally. She "faked it" for a decade, pretending everything was fine to her friends, her family, and her church. After ten years of wearing a spiritual mask, God graciously and lovingly began to show her the way out of that spiritual wilderness.

Kathy Howard, Women's Leader, Author and Discipleship Director at her church in Midland TX

Never say never. Spiritual dryness can happen to anyone—even someone like me who met Christ in a dramatic way, whose life was literally transformed overnight, and who was baptized and mentored by a godly pastor, Henry Blackaby.

Spiritual drift is slow and steady and relentless. When I finally woke up to the reality of how far I had wandered from a dynamic relationship with the living God, I had no idea how it had happened or how to ‘fix’ it.

From Faking It to Finding Grace offers spiritual insights, stories of wanderers you can relate to, and practical pointers on how to get your life back on course if you or someone you love is in a spiritual wilderness.”
—Connie Cavanaugh