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January 2017Connie Cavanaugh Ministries

Five simple ways to take the stink out of waiting

Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels?
Peddling hard but going nowhere? Exerting a lot of energy but seeing few results?
Waiting for some kind of return on your effort investment can be discouraging and frustrating.
Nobody likes to wait. Sit next to a tired mommy with a sick baby and an active, hungry, bored toddler in a crowded doctor’s waiting room if you need proof.
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Life Change is a Process

I couldn’t get in to my Gym class yesterday. It was full. And I was there early. Then I remembered–the New Year’s Resolution Bulge (in business, not in waistlines even though that is a factor!).

Things will be back to normal in a few weeks. Every January gyms across our nation do a booming business thanks to the Number One New Year’s Resolution–Lose Weight/Get Fit. I assume Weight Watchers, Dr. Bernstein, Jenny Craig and other diet-centric programs see a lot more traffic this time of year too.

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Sharing: the minimalist’s secret weapon

When Polonius counselled his son Laertes, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be”(Hamlet, Act I, Sc iii), he was talking about money, not stuff.

When it comes to stuff, borrowing and lending, a.k.a. sharing, is the minimalist’s secret weapon. It can also be a way to bless others and share Christ’s love along with our tools.

If people shared, then everyone wouldn’t have to own everything.

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Connie Cavanaugh, speaker and writer, brings hope to everyday people who long for authentic spirituality. To contact Connie phone 403 973-9501 or send an e-mail to Connie.