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  Merry Christmas Most of you have a couple more sleeps before you peek in your stockings, unwrap your gifts, sip your nog, and gather around the tree to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the greatest world changer or all time. My hope is that in the midst of the tinsel and holly jolly you will make time to truly thank the One who gave His everything for you.

Christmas Tips from a Reformed Scrooge

 I used to hate Christmas. I know, you're not supposed to say“hate.”As a matter of fact I never allowed my kids to say it. How about strong dislike! Definitely seasonal dread. Not at all what it is intended to be.

Why did I dread Christmas? I was caving to culture-pressure; concerned about costs; and leaving Christ mostly out of the process. Those three factors added up to some miserable Noels!

Now if you were to ask my kids or even my husband, they would say that our Christmases were wonderful! Lots of gifts. Decorations. The annual tree-chopping with a frosty tailgate picnic to follow. Mounds of goodies. Parties. Family gatherings. A turkey the size of a Volkswagen. The family/friends hockey game. Games, Poppycock. Movies.    Read More

Go Big or Go Home. Says Who?

 Go big or go home. It’s the mantra in Nashville and Hollywood. It’s the clarion call to working women from Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook and author of Lean In. It’s the hope of athletes and Olympians. This message has trickled down and seeped into the hearts and minds of us all.

So I ask…”Says who?” (or whom? Whatever!)

Some people you and I know personally are “big.” Kudos to you. But most of us aren’t. Not being big can feel like we’ve somehow failed or under-achieved or even quit.

Some people we know are intentionally not big, never wanted big, chose small, or just wound up small and are happy. Kudos to you too.  Read More

Gift Envy

 My biggest insecurity when God called me into ministry as a speaker was that I didn’t think I had anything worthy to say. Telling people I was a hypocritical sinner who had “faked faith” for years did not seem like a topic likely to inspire!

On top of that, my natural ability lay in telling funny stories, not in Biblical exegesis. It seemed to me that making people laugh was near the bottom of the list of necessary talents required for ministry. Bringing Scripture to life with in-depth teaching in a contemporary style was where I needed to be, I thought.
In short, I suffered from Beth Moore Envy.  Read More

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