Connie Cavanaugh is an award winning writer and speaker from Cochrane, Alberta Canada.
Connie shares her message with audiences all over North America and the world.

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Audience Feedback
WOW….what a wonderful few days in Mexico City!! Thank you SO much for accepting the invitation to come and be our speaker for the event. You were definitely God’s person and what was needed for our ladies at just the right time. Thank you for the way you related so powerfully to all (and each) of us, and to our struggles. Thank you for being so real, so honest, so open. Being vulnerable and transparent are NOT two of my favorite (or easy) ways to be so for you to BE those things and in a public forum was rather amazing and I would say, exceptional!! (JL, South America)

I just had to e-mail you and say how much I enjoyed last night! I haven't had an opportunity to laugh like that in a long time. My husband has been ill for about the last year, fighting diabetes. As I was waiting this morning for his doctor’s appointment, I read the first chapter of your book; it was great. I also recently went through a dry spell, didn't attend church for 4 months, that's a long time for me. I know that I have to work on my attitude and keep on keeping on. So last night was just what I needed. Thank you again. (PM, Crandall TX)

Your entire message really impacted me. I've been really struggling with comparing my life and seeing everything amazing about everyone else's life. I always find it so cheeky how God can just speak straight into ones life in a 'yeah, I see you struggling you blessed mess. Now know MY truths and start living in them.' sort of way. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus. You helped way more than just me. (JS, Meadow Lake SK)
It was a joy to see you at the AWSA Conference. You did an EXTRAORDINARY job of emceeing at the Golden Scrolls Banquet! Have a blessed summer.  I look forward to the next time our paths cross. (Carol Kent, author, speaker, Florida)
You have a real gift, and are using it brilliantly! For the first time, EVER, you made me realize that while I have had a very sinful past, I can let go of the GUILT! This is a big first for me.  I have always known that I am forgiven, but still always felt guilt over it. Through your "realness" you have shown me that not only can I let go of the guilt, I can "relax" and be "real" about who I was, and who I am now. Big difference. I plan on going to my women's small bible study class, and sharing with them for the first time, who I am!! How liberating!! (LJ, Grande Prairie AB)
Just wanted to say a huge “Thank You” for the wonderful sharing of stories and love to our guests at the Christian Community Breakfast Event. I am still getting notes and cards from folks saying how much they enjoyed your talk. The Lord has worked incredibly in your life. (MLC, Midland ON)

Came to your talk tonight and was enchanted. It was great to see the direct simplicity of the Holy Spirit in you. There was a lot of warmth and camaraderie for all. Thank-you. (BP, Princeton NJ)
You have been on my radar since hearing you speak last year in Waterloo. I read your books and have shared them, as well. May God bless you mightily, as you share your story of His story so effectively and with such joy. You are a Canadian storytelling treasure to us, all! (LAD, Kitchener Ontario)
I just had to tell you that I had my "underwear in the supermarket" moment this week. Thank you for being so refreshingly honest about your own experience. Your revelation about a moment that you were less than proud of gave me the courage to handle my own humbling moment without beating myself up about it. I am experiencing plenty of remorse, but I am not crippled with embarrassment. That is entirely due to your honesty. Thank you! (SF, Winnipeg MB)
 I thoroughly enjoyed the evening at the Women's banquet not too long ago. I am reading your book (From Faking It to Finding Grace) and it's wonderful and has really helped me understand better where I'm at spiritually. I pray I am led out of the spiritually dry wilderness into the oasis of His grace and soon.  I'm beat. Thanks for your candor and outreach to us worn out do-gooders who know how tired they are of faking it. (EG, Ontario)
I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming and speaking at our women's retreat. We all felt that God blessed our socks off on the weekend and you were a big part of that. You are a gifted speaker. Our women's ministry has had many changes over the past 2 years and we have felt like we were without an anchor, but that changed this weekend. God really used you to encourage us in our ministry to keep things simple and just say yes at a time and the message that you spoke has taken a massive burden off of our backs and we feel like we can keep serving the women that God puts in our mist. So THANK YOU! (HR, Strathmore AB)
Just wanted to thank you for speaking to pastor's wives at the conference last Saturday in Phoenix. It was a joy to hear you speak and address problems that we pastors’ wives have. It was a great encouragement to me and I will always remember you saying "PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN". My husband and I have been in ministry for more than 30 years. Boy is there pain in ministry! I have pushed through the pain but never had a phrase for it. Now I do. When the pain of ministry comes again I will say to my husband PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN and let us see what our Father has for us on the other side. (JS, Tucson AZ)
I have been meaning to email you for some time to tell you that we have had some awesome reports back from women how they enjoyed, were blessed, encouraged during the Ladies Event that you were here for. Thanks so much for being the vessel that God used for doing His work in ladies hearts and lives. A missionary friend of ours visited a church on the Sunday after the Event and he just had to phone and tell me that is all he heard about from the they had enjoyed the speaker and the event...And so much more happened during that time that we will never know about. (CD, Estevan SK)
You will never know how much you ministered to me at our conference in Indiana. God used you to help me say the “next yes.” Even though I am still recovering from my season in the wilderness I feel like I need to go in the direction of personal holiness, obedience and not wasting our lives. We leave for Africa July 30th to spend 2 weeks teaching in the bush. I am taking this step strictly from what you said at our meeting. I feel very inadequate, anxious and nervous about it all. But thank you for encouraging me to take the step. And thank you for the time you spent with me one-on-one. (AG Jasper, IN)
You may not remember me, but we met at the women's retreat in February. I was the tall blubbering woman who was so grateful to have you speak to my shriveled up spirit. I just wanted you to know how timely your message and your books have been for me. I thought I was the only woman in women's ministry with a dried-up little nugget in place of my soul. I believe God gave me you and your words at just the right time to begin the healing process and get back on track with Him. (LS Brandon MB)
I know it must be difficult to remember people you meet, as you travel and speak frequently all over the place. But I know I remember you! And I will never forget. I am so thankful for the opportunity to hear you speak, and to purchase your book and then laugh and cry my way through it. I had such a great prayer time with you and I just want to encourage you in your ministry. You are so fun to read (and listen to)! I love your sense of humour and your honesty. Thank you so much!!! I think of you as a precious sister in Christ. (MT Langley BC)
I was at the retreat this weekend. Thank you for being there. I listened and knew I was going through exactly that - Faking it. I knew I have been faking it but I didn't know how to get out. I came home and started reading your book From Faking it to Finding Grace. I didn't get two pages done and the tears poured….Today is a new day. I have confessed my sins and I am on the road to happiness once again. I truly appreciated your honesty. If you were not honest I would not have been able to hear you. I have a BS meter and can pick up on it instantly. Thank you so much!! (SB Maple Ridge BC)
I just wanted to thank you for being such a blessing in my life and indeed a true example of Christ. Through listening to you online, during the Waterloo conference and in reading your books I constantly sense God reminding me that He is not done with me yet and that every day He is working to make me more like Him. Thank you again for being an instrument of God that has helped change my life and restored my hope in Christ. (EW Kitchener ON)
Good morning Connie. I was at the women’s retreat last year and totally enjoyed that day and meeting you. God made you so special my dear...loved my helped me a lot that weekend...Thank you! (AC Magog Quebec)

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Reader Feedback
I read your book, From Faking It to Finding Grace. I was relieved to know that what I am currently feeling does happen. I have been saved a year and a half, and I knew that everything was not going to be smooth. My heart is open and I want to serve God, but I just feel that I'm lost. I pray, praise and read the Word. Sometimes, I just get frustrated. I do know that since I read your book, I realize that I am not “lost” but that feeling like a wanderer does happen in the Christian walk. (KW, Portsmouth VA)

I just finished reading From Faking it to Finding Grace -- a friend loaned to me. It certainly describes where I am at right now: on the backside of the wilderness. In my darkness, I know God is right there, but I am struggling, lonely and alone. You are a light in a dark time. (JR, Paris KY)
I loved the “Faking it” book, and was relieved to learn that I am not the only one who struggles in her relationship with God. (KL, USA)

Hi! I'm from a small town in Quebec. Let me say first that I do read and understand English better than I write! I read an excerpt online in "From faking it to finding grace". I'm in this desert for almost 2 years now. Boy it's tough! I reached my limit and I just can't stand anymore. But, your excerpt that I read brought me HOPE for sure. (JB, St Julie, PQ)

I found my first love again! Yes, He is back! I wanted you to know. Thank you for your books and your encouragement. I'll see you in heaven and give you a big hug. (PG, USA)

Thank you for sending us your book "From Faking it to Finding Grace" free of charge. We have been going through some hard times, and have turned our backs on God. Since receiving it, it has brought us closer to God; it restored and strengthened our faith. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to read and share your book with others. (SF, Canada)

I am overwhelmed and out of breath reading your book (Faking it). It is me! You are an awesome writer. Thank you so much. I am using it for my daily devotion so I can digest every word. God is leading me by the hand and I am so thankful. (PH, USA)

Your book came into my life as a divine appointment; I would say a chocolate along my trail! It was so refreshing to read every word that was on each page. I am on a journey myself. I am at a place right now where a door has not been opened yet but I am following God one yes at a time. (NP San Antonio TX)

I will be reading your books many times, I'm sure. I am taking my time to read and ponder and mark the pages to my heart's content. Thank you so much for being you and for being there for those of us who try to suffer in silence through those long periods in the spiritual desert. (LS Winnipeg MB)
I just finished reading From Faking it to Finding Grace -- a friend loaned to me. It certainly describes where I am at right now: on the backside of the wilderness. In my darkness, I know God is right there, but I am struggling, lonely and alone. You are a light in a dark time. (JR, Paris KY)

I write you from Panama to let you know how great reading your book (From Faking it to Finding Grace) has been. I also identify with having (short) periods of dryness and you have brought it ever so clearly. I thought something was wrong with me why I too, after being in church for so many years, was having that experience… Every year the Women on Mission of the Central Panama Baptist Association select a book to study and this year we are going to be using yours. (XW, Panama)

I am halfway through From Faking it to Finding Grace with lots of it being very pertinent. I keep reading sections to my husband saying this is so true for me and he (agrees). I am experiencing the 'comfort' (of) knowing that I'm not alone in this struggle. Although nothing per se has 'happened', it has been good to have a shift from thinking of myself as a non-Christian to a Christian in the wilderness still assured of my salvation. This is a big step in the right direction. (VA, United Kingdom)

I have been a Christian for most of my life. I admit I have, at times, been in the desert in my faith. I have not left God, but I have distanced myself. Your book has been a tremendous help to me. You have an understanding that I frankly have never encountered before. I read and re-read many passages that revealed just how I need to come back again to the feet of my Lord. Thank you so much for your instruction and inspiration. (CP, Raleigh NC)

Thank you for your honesty in your book. It was what I needed to hear as I was flying home to an empty house. My wife of 38 years (passed) earlier this year (and) my relationship with God was beginning to shift: I wanted to be the controller of my life and to protect myself. … In the middle of the Montreal airport God used your book to say, “I love you! Let’s begin to practice what you have taught in the past.”…folks at church tell me "Pastor, something’s going on with you. I don't know what but you are different!" (JD, Georgetown PEI)

When I started reading From Faking it to Finding Grace, I thought, this is me! I have scary questions like, 'Is there a God? Is the Bible true?’ If I am a Christian how can I feel this way? I feel as though my prayers go nowhere (yes I still pray). The Bible seems foreign. I feel so deeply alone and confused. I appreciate your book so much. I pray that it will sink deep within my soul. (DD Winnipeg MB)

Last year I read your amazing book “From Faking it to Finding Grace”. Wow! Let me tell you how much your book has meant to me. I am out of the wilderness! Praise God! He did amazing things to and through me over these past six months, and I have grown so much. I realized His love for me and He drew SO close to me!... Your book was instrumental in opening my eyes to what God was doing in my life. (TK Durban South Africa)

I will be reading your books many times, I'm sure. I am taking my time to read and ponder and mark the pages to my heart's content. Thank you so much for being you and for being there for those of us who try to suffer in silence through those long periods in the spiritual desert. (LS Winnipeg MB)

God has been doing AMAZING things in me and through me. I am living … my dream. God is so faithful. I am humbled that He is using me to bring many closer to Jesus. I am in awe of His faithfulness. One simple possible immediate yes at a time...just like you say in your book. I fall more in love with Jesus everyday. I just want to thank you again... You really helped me through! (AP Eckville AB)

It was one of those God-ordained “accidents” that I happened upon “From Faking It to Finding Grace”. The title jumped out at me and I HAD to buy it. I shared so many similar feelings and thoughts as I read... Very powerful! …it has by far been the book that I have connected with the most (My degree/work is in counseling, so I read LOTS!). It helped me identify my struggle AND feel okay about where I am; a beautiful message of hope. (LB Winnipeg MB)
I bought & read your book 'from faking it to finding grace' and then loaned it out for others to read. Sadly it has not been returned. I would like you to send the free book to my wife, and I am praying your personal comment will act as a catalyst for her. My wife is a pastor’s wife and she is struggling at many levels. I as a husband, father and Pastor long to see her coming out of her wilderness and pray to that end. (KP Somerset England)
God has really used your book Following God One Yes at a Time to encourage me, and verify to my husband and I to take a step of faith. Hubby is yet a pre-Christian, and with this step of faith we are taking up the amazing opportunity God is giving us to take care of our friends’ acreage, garden, chickens and house while they are away for some years. The chapter I am reading right now is right in line with what God has been speaking to me about the sin that so easily entangles us, and God is using it to show me more ways to pray for my husband. (AR Chilliwack BC)
After reading Following God One Yes at a Time I knew I had to keep surrendering everyday to the Lord and it's been hard. I am finding that writing comes with different responsibilities than a singing ministry. For one - everyone keeps telling me that I need to have a platform and start speaking. This has overwhelmed me. What is God doing? Is my constant cry. …That's the hard part I think. Knowing what to say yes to, but then I remember your "chocolates" and I realize I'm on the right path, I just have to keep trusting Him and surrendering. (LD Toronto ON)
I just finished reading your wonderful book last night. It is not only "theologically sound," Following Jesus One Yes at a Time is "theologically rich," with many wonderful illustrations and practical applications. As a pastor, this is a book I would highly recommend to new Christians, growing Christians and even those seeking what it means to be a Christian. Thank you for not pretending that you've "arrived", but that you're still actively on the journey. I felt encouraged, challenged and inspired as I read. (LL, Saskatoon SK)
Just finished reading your second book and loved it! I'm sorry it's over because I looked forward to sitting down to read it like I would look forward to a visit with a good friend. The crazy thing is I'm married to a writer and although I love to read I rarely find time to. Spiritually, it was a confirmation of the things I believe God has been showing me over these past years and you gave me so many beautiful images that actually made me cry at times! (LP Pincher Creek AB)
I am currently, possibly formerly, a pastor’s wife who has been experiencing a wilderness experience of my own which led to an affair last summer. The affair all came to surface only two months ago and we've been on leave from our church ever since I publicly confessed and repented from this sin….I was given From Faking it to Finding Grace by the pastors’ wives coordinator of our district and it has blessed me and given me hope for the future. Thank you! I know we're merely in the midst of this tremendous mess but your book has given me encouragement to continue being obedient. (NW Edmonton AB)

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